Curriculum Vitae

Employment History

  • October 2021 – Present: Freelancer and Independent Entrepreneur
  • January 2020 – September 2021: Analytics Translator
  • January 2017 – January 2020: Senior Research Scientist Artificial Intelligence
    Expertise group Perceptual and Cognitive Systems
    TNO Soesterberg
  • May 2015 – December 2016:  Postdoc researcher (fixed term)
    Interactive Intelligence group
    Delft University of Technology / 4TU.Humans&Technology
  • Feb 2014 – May 2015: Postdoc researcher (fixed term)
    Interactive Intelligence group
    Delft University of Technology
  • Feb 2010 – Feb 2014: PhD student
    Intelligent Systems group
    Utrecht University (collaboration with TNO Soesterberg)


Artificial Intelligence (PhD) – Utrecht University & TNO

Institute:         Utrecht University
Graduation date:   June 2014
Title:             Personalized Educational Games
Supervisors:       Karel van den Bosch
                   John-Jules Ch. Meyer
                   Mark A. Neerincx
Graduate school:   SIKS

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (Ma.Sc.)

Institute:        Utrecht University
Graduation date:  February 2010
Title:            The confluence constructor
Supervisors:      Vincent van Oostrom
                  Albert Visser
                  John-Jules Meyer

(Cognitive Educational) Psychology (Ma.Sc.)

Institute:        University of Maastricht
Graduation date:  April 2006
Title:            The relation between social
                  environment, learning styles
                  and the appreciation of 
                  powerful learning environments
Internship:       Open Universiteit (OTEC)
Supervisors:      Karen Könings
                  Margje van de Wiel
                  Saskia Brand-Gruwel


Institute:        Bernardinus college (Heerlen)
Graduation date:  July 1999

Detailed overview of courses taken

PhD Artificial intelligence (SIKS)

  • Interactive Systems
  • Combinatory Methods
  • 3TU NIRICT Spring School
  • Research Methods and Methodology
  • Learning & Reasoning
  • Information Retrieval
  • Academic Writing in English
  • AI for Games

MSc Cognitive artificial intelligence (Utrecht University)

  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Multi-Agent Programming
  • Advanced Data Mining
  • Commonsense Reasoning
  • Conceptual Semantics
  • Dynamic Semantics
  • Advanced Vision Science

MSc Educational psychology
Maastricht University

  • Reasoning and decision making
  • Propaganda, social influence & persuasion
  • Information processing (multimedia)
  • Cognitive & social development
  • Knowledge acquisition & cognitive architecture
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Instruction

Facultative courses on social psychology (University of Amsterdam)

  • Motivation and social cognition
  • Attitudes and decision-making
  • Intragroup and intergroup processes
  • Emotions

Athenaeum (Bernardinus College Heerlen)

  • Mathematics A
  • Mathematics B
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Dutch
  • English


  • 2015-2017: Member of the Steering Committee
  • 2011 – 2013: Member of the board
    Staff association TNO Soesterberg
  • 200-2008: (Chief) sailing instructor (only during summers)
    Sailing School “de Kikkert” (Lemmer)